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Hercules Inc.

Hercules Incorporated
Public (NYSE: HPC)
HeadquartersHercules Plaza, Wilmington, DE, USA 19894
Key peopleCraig A. Rogerson, President and CEO
Allen A. Spizzo, VP and CFO
Paul C. Raymond III, VP and President, PTV
John E. Panichella, VP and President, Aqualon
Edward V. Carrington, VP of HR
SloganWe make chemistry work for our customers.

Hercules Inc. (NYSE: HPC) is an S&P 500 chemical company in Wilmington, DE that was created in 1912 as Hercules Powder Company from DuPont as a result of government antitrust action. The company manufacturers and markets chemical specialties globally used in a variety of home, office, and industrial markets and employs over 4,500 people. It consist of two major assets: Paper Technologies and Ventures (PTV) and Aqualon. In 2005, the former accounted for 49% of sales and 35% of operating sales with the latter producing 37% and 68% respectively. [1]


Business Segments

Aqualon Group

Aqualon produces products for physical property modification of aqueous systems which are sold into a wide variety of industries including personal care, food additives, and construction.

Paper Technologies and Ventures Group

Paper Technologies

Paper Technologies produces specialty chemicals to the pulp and paper industry. These products include functional, process, and water treatment chemicals for a wide variety of pulp and paper applications.


Ventures produces specialty chemicals for a variety of markets, including adhesives and sealants, paints, inks, coatings, lubricants, rubber, plastics, and building and construction.


Hercules Incorporated, in collaboration with Professor Kaichang Li of Oregon State University and Columbia Forest Products, received a 2007 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for the Greener Synthetic Pathways category in developing and commercializing a formaldehyde-free adhesive made from soy flour and Hercules’ unique polymer chemistries.


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