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Ian Read

For the musician Ian Read please see Ian Read (musician)

Ian Read is Vice President of Pfizer and the company's President of Worldwide Pharmaceutical Operations.


Ian Read began his career with Pfizer in 1978 as an operational auditor. He worked in Latin America through 1995 holding positions ranging from CFO of Pfizer Mexico (Pfizer's largest subsidiary in Latin America) to country manager of Brazil. In 1996, he was appointed president of the Pfizer International Pharmaceuticals Group, Latin America/Canada. He assumed the position of Executive Vice President -- Europe/Canada in May 2000, added the responsibilities for Africa/Middle East region as of January 2004 and responsibilities for Latin America in March 2006. He was named Vice President of Pfizer in 2001 and promoted to President of Worldwide Pharmaceutical Operations in 2006. He is a member of the Pfizer Leadership Team.


Read received his B.Sc. in chemical engineering from London University Imperial College in 1974. He earned the Chartered Accountants certification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in 1978.

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