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Illuminator (backlight)

An Electro Luminescent (EL) Backlight LCD development used in some Casio watches (Also known as Fox Fire). The Timex corporation have their very own similar technology called INDIGLO.

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In response to the INDIGLO nightlight which Timex had introduced in 1992, Casio included an electroluminescent backlight on its modules. One of the first models was the Casio DW-5600E, also well-known as G-Shock ILLUMINATOR, (where the "E" of the model's number mean Electro Luminescent) since one of the things that highlights in this clock was the blue/green light that makes the display visible at any light conditions.

In reference to this, domestic models (Japan) would typically bear the term "Foxfire", while export models bore "ILLUMINATOR."

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