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Impact microscope

A impact microscope (also called sonicmicroscope ) is an instrument that enable characterize solid samples. By using an hammer that produce impact on sample under test cases sonic vibration. FFT oscilloscope or heterodyne instrument ( such as suitable spectrum analyzer ) characterize to vibration fingerprint and store the data produce by the analytical instrument in order to compare with other data. Two diamation table is used in order to move the sample under test.


The hammer used in impact microscope are several types.

  • Iron Hammer – the common use working tool..
  • Phonetic hammer – air power piston with iron mass in the edge.
  • Ultrasonic hammer – a ultrasonic probe used in ultrasonic welding.
  • Ultrasonic motor – linear motor with iron mass on its edge to get accurate impact.
  • Double hammer – iron mass that get impact from an hummer and contact the device under test.


  • AEWG The Acoustic Emission Working Group [1].
  • EWGAE The European Working Group
  • JCEA The Japanese Working Group on Acoustic Emission
  • GLEA The Latin American Working Group on Acoustic Emission [2]
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