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inXitu, Inc.
FoundedIncorporated in 2007
HeadquartersMountain View, CA
Key peopleScott Snyder, President
Philippe Sarrazin, Chief Technology Officer
Robert Espinosa, Chairman of the Board
Carmen Cerrelli, CFO
ProductsXRD/XRF Portable Instruments [1]

inXitu, Inc. is a Mountain View, CA based company which develops portable XRD/XRF analysis instruments. The company name is a combination of the terms 'in situ' and 'x-ray', portraying the company's dedication to developing x-ray instruments that can be easily transported to the original site of the material being analyzed. InXitu's portable rock and mineral analyzer received the prestigious R&D 100 award and chosen to fly on the Mars Science Laboratory rover scheduled for launch in 2009. [2]

Company History

This company was incorporated in 2007.


  • Silicon Valley Business Journal
  • Portable XRD/XRF Instrument for Mars Exploration Rovers
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