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Industrias Alen

Industrias Alen is a Mexican Chemical Product Company, with headquarters in Monterrey. Industrias Alen name brands include Cloralex, Pinol, Flash, Ensueño, Festival, Mr. Orange, among others . Currently, the office for the US market and Caribbean are located in Houston


  • Blancatel
  • Cloralex
  • Cloralex Color
  • Cloralex 99
  • Cloralex Mascotas
  • Cloralex Bambino
  • Cloralex Baños
  • Cloraluz
  • Eficaz
  • Ensueño
  • Ensueño 5 en 1
  • Ensueño Bebé
  • Flash
  • Pinol
  • Pinol Esencias Naturales
  • Sultana
  • Vape
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