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Inframat Corporation

Inframat® Corporation is a nanotechnology company founded in 1996 with headquarters in Farmington, CT and a pilot plant / R&D facility in Willington, CT. Product focus is in the areas of (i) medical and industrial nanocoatings, (ii) high surface area nanofibrous media for water treatment, and (iii) magnetic nanocomposites. Inframat is an equity partner in joint ventures in China in Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces to manufacture hardmetals, specifically tungsten carbide / cobalt (“WC/Co”). Inframat, in collaboration with the University of Connecticut, has pioneered the Solution precursor plasma spray (“SPPS”) process, based on the substitution of solution for powder feedstocks in thermal spray systems. Three of the founders are still actively running the Company, James Hsiao (Chairman), David Reisner (CEO), and Danny Xiao (CTO). Inframat’s Advanced Materials subsidiary sells a variety of commercial materials to large companies and research institutions.

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