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Isabgol (also Sat-Isabgol or Isapgol), is the Indian term for psyllium seed husks (not a trademark). Isabgol is a natural vegetable product in highly purified form of nature's highest soluble fibre obtained from Plantago ovata seeds. Isabgol is used for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Isabgol is also available internationally in Indian shops and markets, but as it is typically sold as isabgol rather than psyllium, many people are not aware of that. In Pakistan, it is sold in the name of "Chilka Isabgol" and popular brand is "Qarshi Ispaghol Husk" (Arabic " Qashoor Isabgol"). Being a generic product, it is significantly cheaper than similar products sold in pharmacies. Isabgol (psyllium) is the active ingredient of the American product Metamucil.

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