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Isothermal flow

Isothermal flow is a model of a fluid flow, which remains in the same temperature. In this model the temperature is constant while the stagnation temperature is changing. The change in stagation temperature occur because the temperature is constant but the velocity increasing. The velocity is increasing because the friction (viscosity). The intesting part of this flow is that the flow is choked at 1/sqrt(k) and not Mach=1 as many other model like Fanno Flow. This model was developed by Acscher Shapiro it was suggested to call the flow on Shapiro name i.e. Shapiro Flow.

For an important practical case of a gas flow throw a long tube the model has an applicability in situations which occurs in a relatively long distance and where heat transfer is relatively rapid so that the temperature can be treated, for engineering purposes, as a constant. This model has also applicability as upper boundary to fanno flow.

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