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Isuf Kalo

Prof. Dr Isuf Kalo was born in Tepelenë, Albania in 1942. He finished the Faculty of Medicine in Tirana University in 1964. He is specialized in several countries of Europe in diabetology and endocrinology. He is one of the pioneers of this specialty in Albania. For several years he chaired the cathedral of endocrinology and metabolic diseases in the Faculty of Medicine and in the University Hospital in Tirana. He is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Medicine and honoured with the Distinguished Scientist Worker of the Albania award. For long years till 1985 he has been the body doctor of the dictator Enver Hoxha. From 1991-2004 he has been employed by the World Health Organization's Regional Office for Europe (in Copenhagen), heading the European Diabetes Program and later the Quality of Health System Programme in Europe. He is the author of a series of publications in the medical press of the country and abroad. At the same time Prof. Dr Kalo is honorary member of several international committees and Medical Associations in Europe.

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