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Ivan Knunyants


Ivan Lyudvigovich Knunyants (Russian: Иван Людвигович Кнунянц; 4 June [O.S. 22 May] 1906 (Shusha, currently Nagorno-Karabakh) - December 21 1990 (Moscow), was a Soviet chemist.

He is the inventor of poly-caprolactam (capron, nylon-6, polyamide-6), founder of Soviet school of fluorocarbon's chemistry, one of major developers of Soviet chemical weapons program, also an author of a few drugs for chemotherapy of cancer.

Graduated from Moscow Bauman Highest Technical School (MVTU) 1928, student of Aleksei Chichibabin. Leader of laboratory for elementooranic chemistry.

Full member of Academy of Science of USSR (1953), Lenin Prize -winner 1972, triple Stalin prize-winner (1943,1948,1950), Hero of Socialist Labor (1966), Major General (chemical troops).


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