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JSR Micro

JSR Micro is a $2 Billion chemical company employing over 4,000 employees, with labs all over the world. They work with leading IC manufactures on innovative materials to solutions necessary to help customers reach the next level of the ITRS roadmap.


North America JSR

JSR Micro North American Headquarters 1280 North Mathilda Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089

The headquarters currently employs 1200 employees and manufactures the products. The remaining twenty are salesmen, who have cubicles in large companies such as Intel, IBM, Nikon, or Dell.

JSR Micro began U.S. operations in 1990, and is ISO 9002 certified. The Sunnyvale campus is fully equipped and staffed to provide:

• Real-time analysis and monitoring

• Flexible volumes and customization

• Large capacity orders

• Compliance exceeding ISO requirements

Belgium JSR

JSR Micro N.V. Technologielaan 8 B-3001, Leuven, Belgium

Serving the European semiconductor market, JSR Micro N.V. in Belgium offers development, manufacturing, sales and technical support for photoresists and other semiconductor materials. Established in 1993, JSR Micro N.V. recently opened a large facility dedicated to 248 KrF and 193 ArF, in addition to other JSR Micro semiconductor materials.

Asia JSR

  • HAMARIKYU Parkside Place 5-6-10, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8410 Japan
  • JSR in Asia has buildings all across the East Coast of China, Korea, and Taiwan. The World Headquarters is at HAMRIKYU Parkside Place.



JSR Micro offers many Photoresists including Advanced ARF resists, Implant resists, TARC resists, and many others. JSR is the industry’s most innovative family of photoresists, developers, and specialty chemicals, from the company that perfected the art of customer collaboration.


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