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Jakob Meisenheimer

Jakob Meisenheimer
BornJune 14 1876(1876-06-14)
Griesheim (Frankfurt am Main), Germany
DiedDecember 2 1934 (aged 58)
Tübingen, Germany
InstitutionsUniversity of Munich,
University of Greifswald,
University of Tübingen
Alma materUniversity of Munich
Academic advisor  Friedrich Karl Johannes Thiele
Known forMeisenheimer complex,
Mechanism of th Beckmann rearrangement

Jakob Meisenheimer (14 June, 1876 – 2 December, 1934) was a German chemist. He discovered the reaction mechanism of the Beckmann rearrangement and was also able to propse a structure for a group of compounds now named Meisenheimer complex[1].


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