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Jan Zaleski

Jan Zaleski (March 8, 1869, Kalwaria Augustowska – August 22, 1932, in Warsaw) was a Polish biochemist. Zaleski was a professor of the Agricultural University of Dublany (1904–1907), professor of the Warsaw University (since 1922), member of the Polish Academy of Learning (since 1921).

In the years of 1895–1901 he co-operated with Marceli Nencki in researches about content of ammonia in blood and conversions of blood pigment. In 1907 Zaleski published empirical formula of mesoporphyrin. He is a co-author (with K. Lindenfeld) of method to obtain a haemin.


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NAME Zaleski, Jan
DATE OF BIRTH March 8, 1869
PLACE OF BIRTH Kalwaria Augustowska, Poland
DATE OF DEATH August 22, 1932
PLACE OF DEATH Warsaw, Poland
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