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Joule per mole

The joule per mole (symbol: J·mol-1) is an SI derived unit of energy per amount of material. Energy is measured in joules, and the amount of material is measured in moles.

Physical quantities measured in J·mol-1 include:

For convenience and due to the range of magnitudes involved, these quantities are nearly always quoted in kJ/mol. For example, heats of fusion and vaporization are usually of the order of 10 kJ/mol, bond energies are of the order of 100 kJ/mol, and ionization energies of the order of 1000 kJ/mol.

One can convert to electronvolts using the fact that

1 eV = 1 J/C = F J/mol of electrons = (96485.38 ± 0.02) J/mol of electrons

where F is Faraday's constant.

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