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Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Abbreviated title JMS or
J. Mass Spectrom.
Discipline Chemistry
Language English
Publication details
Publisher John Wiley & Sons ( United Kingdom)
Publication history Journal of Mass Spectrometry 1995 - present

Biological Mass Spectrometry 1974-1994
Organic Mass Spectrometry 1968-1994

Frequency Monthly
ISSN 1076-5174 (print)
1096-9888 (web)
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The Journal of Mass Spectrometry covers all aspects of mass spectrometry including instrument design and development, ionization processes, mechanisms and energetics of gaseous ion reactions, spectroscopy of gaseous ions, theoretical aspects, ion structure, analysis of compounds of biological interest, methodology development, applications to elemental analysis and inorganic chemistry, computer-related applications and developments, and environmental chemistry and other fields that use innovative aspects of mass spectrometry.

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