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Journal of Molecular Biology

The Journal of Molecular Biology is a scientific journal published weekly by Elsevier, under the Academic Press imprint. It publishes original scientific research concerning studies of organisms or their components at the molecular level.

Back issues are available online by subscription from 1993 onward. Previous issues are only available in print.

Some of the most highly cited articles that have appeared in the Journal of Molecular Biology since its inception in 1959 include:

"Detection of Specific Sequences Among DNA Fragments Separated by Gel-Electrophoresis," in 1975, in which Edwin Southern presented the first description of nucleic acid blotting, a technique that revolutionized the field of molecular biology.

"Identification of Common Molecular Subsequences," in 1981, in which the Smith-Waterman algorithm for determining the degree of homology of DNA, RNA, or protein sequences was first described.

"Basic Local Alignment Search Tool," in 1990, in which the nucleic acid and protein homology search algorithm known as BLAST was originally described.

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