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Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry

Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry
Abbreviated title J. Phys. Org. Chem.
Discipline Chemistry
Language English
Publication details
Publisher John Wiley & Sons ( United Kingdom)
Publication history 1988 to present
ISSN 0894-3230
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The Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published in the United Kingdom since 1988 by John Wiley & Sons. In twelve issues per year, it provides an international forum for the rapid publication of original scientific papers and electronic material dealing with physical organic chemistry in its broadest sense. It is available both online and in print.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Professor Joseph B. Lambert from the Northwestern University, USA.[1]


Impact factor and rank

The 2006 Impact Factor is 1.593. It is ranked number 32 out of 56 in the Organic Chemistry category and number 60 out of 108 in the Physical Chemistry category.[2]

Highest cited papers

  1. Article: 'Polarity study of some 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ambient-temperature ionic liquids with the solvatochromic dye, Nile Red', Adrian J. Carmichael, Kenneth R. Seddon 13(10):591-595 (OCT 2000). Cited 209 times [3].
  2. Article: 'Hydrogen bonding. 31. Construction of a scale of solute effective or summation hydrogen-bond basicity', Michael H. Abraham 6(12):660-684 (DEC 1993). Cited 161 times [3].
  3. Research Article: 'Gradient copolymers by atom transfer radical copolymerization', Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Michael J. Ziegler, Stephen V. Arehart, Dorota Greszta, Tadeusz Pakula 13(12)775-786 (DEC 2000). Cited 126 times [3].
  4. Research Article: 'Aromaticity of pericyclic reaction transition structures: magnetic evidence', Haijun Jiao, Paul von Ragué Schleyer 11(8-9):655-662 (AUG-SEP 1998). Cited 113 times [3].

Abstracting and indexing information

JPOC is indexed in Chemical Abstracts Service SciFinder (American Chemical Society),SCOPUS (Elsevier) , and Web of Science (Thomson ISI)


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