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Lamina Ceramics

Lamina (formerly called Lamina Ceramics) is a solid-state lighting technology company that designs and manufactures the brightest commercially-available light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Lamina was founded in 2001 and is based in Westampton, New Jersey.

Recently, Lamina introduced its TitanTurbo™ LED Light Engine at 2000+ lumens, the first LED to surpass the performance of a 75-watt PAR-30 incandescent. Also introduced is an LED-based replacement lamp designed as a direct, ready-to-plug-in retrofit for 20-watt MR-16 halogen and comparable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). The first of its kind, the Lamina SōL™ MR16 LED integrates a high power light source, optical lens and thermal heat sink shell in a traditional MR-16 halogen form-factor. This innovative design, which fits most existing fixtures, produces as much light as the 20-watt halogen bulb it replaces, but consumes less than 8 watts of electricity.

Lamina's investors include Morgenthaler Venture Partners, Sarnoff Corporation, Easton Capital, CDI Equity Capital, and RedShift Ventures. Lamina has continually broken world records (as cited in "References") for the brightest light-emitting diodes ever developed.


  • "Lamina Unveils LED Replacement for Popular Halogen Bulb. Very long-lived Lamina SōL™ MR16 LED offers big energy and replacement cost savings"

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