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Lavoisier Medal

A Lavoisier Medal is an award made by any of a number of bodies, for achievements in chemical related disciplines. The award is named for Antoine Lavoisier, considered by some to be a father of modern chemistry.[1]

Lavoisier Medal are issued by:

  • French Chemical Society[1] (Société Française de Chimie)
  • International Society for Biological Calorimetry (ISBC) - the Lavoisier Medal is awarded to an internationally acknowledged scientist for an outstanding contribution to the development and/or the application of direct calorimetry in biology and medicine [2]
  • DuPont - the Lavoisier Medal for Technical Achievement is presented to DuPont scientists and engineers who have made outstanding contributions to DuPont and their scientific fields throughout their careers. Antoine Lavoisier mentored the founder of the company, E. I. du Pont, more than 200 years ago.[3]


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