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Leo Diamond

The Leo Diamond is a higher-quality certified and branded diamond sold by various retail jewelers. It is exclusively hand-cut by Leo Schachter Diamonds LLC, a fourth generation family-owned company. It holds an industry first, being the first diamond to be tested by GemEx Systems and graded for superior light performance.

Leo Diamonds are available in a variety of shapes, including Round Brilliant, Princess, Marquise, and Emerald. All Leo Diamond shapes have patented cutting styles that maximize the diamond's return of light. Besides diamond solitaires and unmounted diamonds, there are also many finished jewelry styles in the Leo Diamond collections, including an extensive collection of engagement and bridal styles, as well as "Past, Present, Future" (three diamond), "Journey" (graduated diamond), and "Circle" fashion designs.

All Leo Diamonds must be graded SI2 or better in clarity and I or better in color by the International Gemological Institute, as well as High to Very High in all three areas of light performance from GemEx Systems. However, Leo Diamonds are sold in higher qualities as well.

For security and authenticity, all Leo Diamonds are "gemscribed", or laser inscribed on the diamond's girdle, with "LEO" and a unique serial number. This laser inscription can be seen under 10 times magnification. Also, all Leo diamond rings have the trademark "LEO" signature with a small diamond as the O.

Logging on to also allows Leo Diamond owners to enter the serial number of their Leo Diamond to see a copy of their IGI Certificate of Authenticity (diamond grading report), GemEx Certificate ("return of light" diamond report), and the profile of the jeweler who cut their diamond.

Leo Diamond jewelry and unmounted diamonds are only sold by the following jewelers in the United States: Kay Jewelers, Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, JB Robinson Jewelers, Marks & Morgan Jewelers, Belden Jewelers, Osterman Jewelers, Shaw's Jewelers, Weisfield Jewelers, LeRoy's Jewelers, Rogers Jewelers, Goodman Jewelers, and Friedlander's Jewelers. In the United Kingdom the Leo Diamond is exclusively sold by Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis.

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