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List of chemical engineers

This is a list of notable chemical engineers, people who studied or practiced chemical engineering.

See also Lists of notable engineers by discipline for lists of engineers by discipline.

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John Coulson||Co-author of what became the standard UK textbook set; Coulson & Richardson's Chemical Engineering.||


NameKnown forAffiliation


Leanne RocheBiotechnologyCalifornia Institute of Technology
Jimoh K. AdewoleSeparation Process Technology and Software Development. Developed Quality Control Software for Lube Blending ProcessesObafemi Awolowo University
Mohammed Al MadyExecutive president of SABIC.


Jay Baileypioneering work in metabolic engineering
Carl BoschFrom 1908 until 1913 developed the Haber-Bosch process together with Fritz Haber.His other notable work was for the introduction of high pressure chemistry. Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1931
Charles (Garry) BettyPresident and Chief Executive Officer, EarthLinkEarthlink
Henry Bessemermanufacturing of steel


Edward Cusslerprofessor and consultant. Textbooks on Diffusion and Product EngineeringUniversity of Minnesota


Donald A. DahlstromInventor of the Hydrocyclone and related correlations, 1943
George E. DavisRegarded as the 'founding father' of Chemical Engineering
Nguyet Anh Duongis a Vietnamese-American, she assisted in creating a new weapon called the Thermobaric weapon in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to assault tunnels and caves being used as hideouts by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Jack DrosdickChairman and CEO of Sunoco, Inc.



Richard FelderMultiple award-winning engineering educatorNorth Carolina State University
Ian FellsEnergy expert and popular science broadcasterNewcastle University, UK
John Bennett FennNobel Prize in Chemistry, 2002Virginia Commonwealth University


Ahmed GaberProfessor of Chemical EngineeringCairo University
Clifton C. GarvinChairman and CEOExxon
Roberto GoizuetaFormer chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola
Bob GoreThe inventor of Gore-Tex
William Sealey GossetBrewer and Statistician
Andrew GroveIntel Chief Executive OfficerIntel
Kevin GreeningRadio Five Live Presenter
Pierre Gydeveloped theory of sampling


Fritz HaberIn 1918 he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the fixation of nitrogen from the air, the Haber process. Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1918
Vladimir Haenseldiscovering of the "Platforming" (Platinum Reforming) process which led to the production of low cost high octane gasoline
Douglas Patrick HarrisonCarried out research for DOE Vision 21 project as well research to remove CO2 from stack gas of coal-fired power generators and for production of pure Hydrogen from gasification of coal.
Fred Hassan CEO and Chairman of the Board of Schering-Plough Corporation; former chairman and CEO for the Pharmacia Corporation [1]Schering-Plough
Csaba Horváth(1930-2004) considered as one of the pioneers of modern separation science
Gary S. HuvardThe creator of the only undergraduate chemical engineering consulting firm, ChemEngine.


Javed Iqbal (serial killer)Pakistani serial killer who was a chemical engineer


Rakesh JainIntegrated bioengineering with tumor biology and imaging gene expression and functions in vivo for drug delivery in tumors.Harvard Medical School
Mae Jemisonscience mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and first black woman in space


Trevor Kletzauthor of books dealing with chemical engineering safetyLoughborough University


Robert LangerTissue Engineering and Controlled-Release Drug Delivery pioneerMIT
Frank Lees author and pioneer of Loss Prevention in the process industriesLoughborough University
Warren K. LewisAmerican chemical engineering professor; played a role in defining the field of chemical engineering during its early developmentMIT
Arthur Dehon LittleConsultant and co-founder, with William Walker, of Arthur D. Little, Inc., a major consulting firm
Dolph LundgrenActor with master's degree in chemical engineering


John F. MacGregorUse of latent variables in industrial processesMcMaster University
Victor MillsInventor of the disposal diaper
Mario MolinaNobel Prize in Chemistry, 1995UCSD
Frank MortonNamesake of Frank Morton Sports Day Birmingham University/Manchester University
John MillerPrincipal bassoonist in the Minnesota Orchestra. Received an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from MIT.


Giulio NattaNobel Prize in Chemistry, 1963


Lars OnsagerNobel Prize in Chemistry, 1968
Adam OsborneIntroduced the first ever portable computer in 1981, the same year IBM launched the personal computer
Donald Othmer(1904-1995) Co-creator of the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical TechnologyPolytechnic University of New York
Linus PaulingNobel Prize in Chemistry, 1954, Nobel Peace Prize, 1962
Martin PerlNobel Prize in Physics, 1995
Robert H. PerryAuthor of Handbook in 1934, now Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook


K. B. QuinanExplosive manufacturing expert in World War I and first vice-president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers


Lee RaymondExxonMobil chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Jack RichardsonCo-wrote the textbook which became UK standard Coulson & Richardson's Chemical EngineeringSwansea University
Norbert RillieuxInventor who is most noted for developing the process that turned sugar from a luxury to a common commodity
Ronald W. RousseauAlong with Richard M. Felder, co-authored the textbook Elemental Principles of Chemical ProcessesGeorgia Institute of Technology
R. KumarEx. Professor of Chemical Engineering, who described bubble formation. Received Padam Bhushana (by Govt. of India)Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


J.D. Seadercoauthor of "Distillation" section in Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook
Waldo L. SemonInventor who patented more than 116 inventions, including polyvinyl chloride (pvc)
Thomas Kilgore SherwoodAmerican chemical engineering professor, after whom the Sherwood number in mass transfer is named
Dan SmithPresident and CEO of Lyondell Chemical Company
Jack SteinbergerNobel Prize in Physics, 1988



Lewis UrryInvention of long-lasting alkaline batteries


John von NeumannMathematician and Computer Scientist


Jack WelchFormer General Electric chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nathaniel C. Wyethinventor for DuPont
Samuel W. BodmanUnited States Secretary of Energy




Arthar Zual


  • Cindy Crawford is noted supermodel who was valedictorian in her high school and had a full chemical engineering scholarship at Northwestern University. Spent a semester there before leaving for New York and a modeling career.
  • Sharon Stone, who reported that she has one of the highest IQ's (154) of females the film industry, told Playboy magazine (in reference to her high school days): “I had a high IQ and was predisposed to do technical things, science, engineering, math. I’m sure a career as a chemical engineer would have been appropriate for me, though my personality is more fitting for a lawyer.”[1]


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