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List of pharmaceutical compound number prefix

This list of pharmaceutical compound number prefixes details a drug labeling standard. Pharmaceutical companies produce a large number of compounds. The compounds are systematically numbered, such as CP-529414 (for the recently failed Pfizer experimental drug torcetrapib). In addition to the number, there are several letters (the "prefix") that usually tells which company the compound comes from. Since the pharmaceutical industry has gone through a lot of mergers and acquisitions, the original company and the current company are both listed.


A to F

  • ABT - Abbott Labs
  • ACP - Acadia Phamarceuticals
  • AG - Agouron, now Pfizer La Jolla Labs
    • Example: AG-013736, or Axitinib, an experimental cancer drug
  • AGI - AtheroGenics
  • ALS - Alantos Pharmaceuticals, acquired by Amgen in June 2007
    • Example: ALS 2-0426, an experimental drug for diabetes
  • ANX - Adventrx Pharmaceuticals [1]
  • AMG - Amgen
  • ARQ - ArQule
  • AZD - AstraZeneca
  • BMS - Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • Example: BMS-562247 or apixaban, an experimental anti-coagulant drug targeting Factor Xa
  • BRL - Beecham Research Labs, merged with SmithKline into SmithKline Beecham which merged into GlaxoSmithKline
  • CAT - Cannasat Therapeutics Inc.
  • CE - Pfizer
  • CGS - Ciba Geige
  • CP - Pfizer Groton. CP probably refer to the founder of the company, Charles Pfizer
    • Example: CP-751871, an experimental cancer drug for non-adenocarcinoma
  • CSL - CSL Ltd, an Australian Biophamaceutical company
  • DMP - DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals, a joint venture between DuPont and Merck, turns to DuPont Pharmaceuticals in 1998
  • DPC - DuPont Pharmaceuticals, acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2001
    • Example: DPC-906, or razaxaban, an experimental anti-coagulant drug targeting Factor Xa
  • ETC - Esperion Therapeutics, acquired by Pfizer in 2003

G to L

M to S

  • MCN - McNeil Laboratories, now part of Johnson & Johnson
  • MEM - Memory Pharmaceuticals
  • MGX - Victory Pharma (this is questionable, the letters don't make sense)
  • MK - Merck
  • MLN - Millenium Pharmaceuticals
    • Example: MLN1202, a monoclonal antibody for inflammatory diseases such as scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, and atherosclerosis.
  • NCX - NicOx, a French Biotech
  • NG - Neurogen Corp.
  • OGX - OncoGenex
  • PD - Parke-Davis, now Pfizer
  • PF - Pfizer
    • Example: PF-3512676, an experimental drug for cancer
  • PHA - Pharmacia, now Pfizer
  • R - Janssen Pharmaceutica, now part of Johnson & Johnson
    • Example: R-64766 (risperidone)
  • RO - Hoffmann-La Roche
  • RWJ - R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research, now part of Johnson & Johnson
  • SB - SmithKline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithKline
  • SCH - Schering-Plough
  • SPI - Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • SU - Sugen, now Pfizer
    • Example: SU-11248 (sunitinib malate) or Sutent, an FDA approved cancer drug

T to Z

  • TAK - Takeda
    • Example: TAK-491, an experimental drug for hypertension
  • TC - Targacept Inc.
  • TG - Tragara Pharmaceuticals Inc. San Diego, CA
  • TMC - Tibotec Pharmaceuticals
  • TM - TransMolecular, Inc. [2]
    • Example: TMC125, experimental HIV drug targeting NNRTI
  • TNP - Takeda Neosplastic Product, from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Japan
    • Example: TNP-470, an antiangiogenesis agent, analog of fumagilin
  • UK - Pfizer Sandwich, UK
  • VX - Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • XL - Exelexis
  • XTL - XTL Biopharmaceuticals
    • Example: XTL-2125, an experimental drug for hepatitis C, failed in phase I in June 2007


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