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List of significant temperatures

This is a list of significant temperatures. Please can you help by expanding it and adding any temperatures, in Celsius and Fahrenheit, that exist. (at the moment this page is in its early stages of development)

°C °F Event
-273.15 −459.67 Absolute Zero
-210 -346 Melting point of Nitrogen
-195.79 -320.42 Boiling point of Nitrogen
-89.2 -128.6 Lowest recorded surface temperature on Earth
(Vostok, Antarctica - July 21, 1983)
-40 -40 Only temperature where Fahrenheit & Celsius are the same
-17.78 0 Fahrenheit's ice/salt mixture
0 32 Ice melts (at standard pressure)
15 59 Average surface temperature on Earth
36.8 98.24 Average human body temperature
58 136.4 Highest recorded surface temperature on Earth
(Al 'Aziziyah, Libya - September 13, 1922)
99.9839 211.97102 Water boils (at standard pressure)
1668 3034 Titanium melts
5526 9980 The surface of the Sun
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