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MOTUL is a lubricants manufacturing company operating in 65 countries with headquarters located in Paris, France. Operations began in Europe in 1932. World' first multi-grade Motor oil was produced in 1953, with the first Semi-Synthetic motor oil in 1966 and first 100% synthetic motor oil in 1971.

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MOTUL sees each car manufacturer's approval as the technical start point in achieving a high quality, high performance oil that is universally approved by all automobile manufacturers.

MOTUL's lineup consists of only top grade, premium quality oil products that are enhanced with additives, and developed using MOTUL's extensive technological advancements in the racing arena. MOTUL's products are also geared towards the average consumer.

High performance products formulated by MOTUL complies with the ACEA and API industrial standards. Products by MOTUL are economical and exceed the performance standard of the standard recommended oil.

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