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Maria Alovert

Maria "Girl Mark" Alovert is the inventor of the Appleseed biodiesel processor commonly found in small-scale biodiesel operations. This batch processor is based on a water heater, and can convert 30-100 gallons of vegetable oil into biodiesel in a few hours, with an equipment cost of approximately US$200.

Alovert's zine, "Biodiesel Homebrew Guide", is in its tenth edition, and is widely accepted as the definitive how-to guide for homebrew biodiesel production. Through workshops and conferences across the United States, she has become a central figure in small scale (<1M gallon/year) biodiesel production technology, analytics, and implementation.

As a grassroots activist, Alovert has developed a following that is often at odds with commercial biodiesel interests. The grassroots is typified by small producer coops, and individuals who are making biodiesel for their personal use. Commercial producers are often established agricultural interests, such as Cargill or Archer Daniels Midland, and represented by the National Biodiesel Board. Tensions between these two groups arise on subjects such as fuel quality, safety, and blending.


  • Homebrews & Gateway Drugs Interview in Terrain Magazine
  • Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial Instructions on how to make an Appleseed processor
  • Biodiesel Power Book by Lyle Estill with many references to Alovert and the rise of grassroots biodiesel
  • Alovert's home website
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