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Martin Julian Buerger

Martin Julian Buerger (April 8, 1903-February 26, 1986) was an American crystallographer. He was a Professor of Mineralogy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He invented the X-ray precession camera for studies in crystallography. He was awarded the Arthur L. Day Medal by the Geological Society of America in 1951. The mineral buergerite was named for him.

Significant works

  • The photography of the reciprocal lattice, (ASXRED monograph), Murray Print. Co., 1944
  • X-ray crystallography;: An introduction to the investigation of crystals by their diffraction of monochromatic X radiation, 531pp., Chapman & Hall, 1958
  • Elementary crystallography;: An introduction to the fundamental geometrical features of crystals, 528pp., Wiley, 1963
  • Contemporary crystallography, 364pp., McGraw Hill, 1970
  • Introduction to crystal geometry, 204pp., R. E. Krieger, 1977
  • Crystal-Structure Analysis, 668pp, Krieger Pub Co, 1979


  • Memorial, American Mineralogist, Volume 73, pages 1483-1485, 1988
  • Mindat

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