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Meat thermometer


A meat thermometer is a thermometer used to measure the internal temperature of meat and other cooked foods. This information is used to achieve the desired level of cooking, especially in steaks. It also helps to ensure that the meat has reached a temperature sufficient to kill pathogens that may otherwise cause foodborne illness.


A typical meat thermometer consists of a rod, usually metal, which is placed into the meat to be measured, and a display, usually a dial or LCD display. Many have markings of appropriate temperatures for certain meats. Some newer thermometers include light-emitting diodes or buzzers to alert the user when desired temprature is reached.

Another variety commonly used on turkey is the pop-up timer, which uses a spring held in by a soft material that "pops up" when the meat reaches a set temperature.

The meat thermometer is similar to a candy thermometer except that it reads lower temperatures.

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