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A mesh is similar to fabric or a web in that it has many connected or weaved pieces. In clothing, a mesh is often defined as a loosely woven fabric that has a large number of closely-spaced holes, frequently used for modern sports jerseys and other clothing.

The mesh pattern is often seen as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of all events in one's life, no matter how parallel or perpendicular they may be.

Types of mesh

Uses of meshes

  • Meshes are often used to screen out unwanted things, such as insects. Wire screens on windows and mosquito netting can be considered as types of meshes.
  • Wire screens can be used to shield against radio frequency radiation, e.g. in microwave ovens and Faraday cages.
  • On a larger scale, in terms of the spaces in between, chicken wire and chain-link fences can also be considered a type of mesh.
  • Metal and nylon wire mesh filters are used in water filtration.

See also

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