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Morris Powder


Morris Powder is a non-toxic cleaning product designed for people who want to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. It was invented in the late 1990s by James Morris, an executive chef for one of the UK’s most popular daytime shows, Emmerdale. He was tired of going home with his hands damaged from using cleaning products in the kitchen that were too strong. James wanted to use something that would be not only effective in cleaning kitchens but safe around food, children, pets and the home. James also believed that his product has to be equally safe for the environment. He began to focus on developing a non-toxic, biodegradable all-purpose cleaning product.



On the official Morris Powder web site they state "It can be used safely in all the rooms in your home, in your garage, in your car, at work and many other places you may think of." [1]

In a JANUARY 31, 2007 press release on the Official site they state, "This amazing cleaning powder is so versatile and so powerful that it can literally replace up to 99% of the cleaning products you currently use."[1]

Morris Powder is listed on the website under the Marketplace Green products. Zerofootprint is a not-for-profit organization committed to fighting global warming by mitigating the environmental impacts of businesses and individuals.

Cleaning solution

Morris Powder is sold in a teabag sized sachet and contains 6g (0.2oz) of cleaning powder. The powder is then mixed with water in various dilutions to make a powerful cleaner for tackling hundreds of different cleaning tasks.  

  • The Listed amounts are:
    • Heavy Duty Cleaning - mix one sachet to 750 ml (26 oz) of water.
    • Window Washing or Mirrors - Mix one sachet to four liters (one gallon) of water.
    • Industrial Floor Machines - Mix one sachet to four liters (one gallon) of water.
    • Carpet Cleaning Machines - Mix one sachet to four liters (one gallon) of water.
    • Windshield Wiper Fluid (Summer and Fall) - Mix one sachet to six liters (one and a half gallons) of water.

Packaging and shipment

Morris Powder's minimal packaging is beneficial to the environment because it results in reduced carbon emissions and less waste sent into our landfills.

The Shipment of Morris Powder is also set up to help the environment by reducing emissions.

"“Normally a 40’ semi-truck will carry about 15,000 trigger spray bottles of cleaning solution, whereas the same 40’ semi-truck carrying Morris Powder will carry approximately the equivalent of 1.4 million trigger spray bottles of cleaning solution. That would be the equivalent of 93 semi-trucks carrying approximately 1.4 million regular trigger spray bottles of cleaning solution. Using fewer trucks means exposing fewer emissions into our atmosphere, and thus helping to safeguard our environment."[1]


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