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Musaeum Hermeticum

  Musaeum Hermeticum is a compendium of alchemical texts first published in Frankfurt, 1625 by Lukas Jennis. Additional material was added to the 1678 edition, which in turn was reprinted in 1749.

The full title reads "Musæum Hermeticum, omnes sopho-spagyricæ artis discipulos fidelissime erudiens, quo pacto summa illa veraque Medicina, qua res omne, qualemcumque defectum patientes, instaurari possunt (quæ alias Benedictus Lapis Sapientum appellatur) inveniri ac haberi queat inveniri ac haberi queat. Continens tractatus chymicos novem præatantissimos, quorum nomina et seriem versa pagella indicabit. In gratiam filiorum doctrinæ, quibus Germanicum Idioma ignotum, in Latinum conversum ac juris publici factum. Jennis"

The first edition contained:

  1. The Remonstrances of Nature ascribed to Jean de Meung
  2. The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine
  3. Subtle Allegory (Michael Maier)
  4. Three Treatise of Philalethes (George Starkey)
  5. The Book of Alze
  6. Open Entrance to the Closed Palace - Philalethes (George Starkey)
  7. A Tract of Great Price
  8. The Only True Way
  9. The Testament of Cremer
  10. The Glory of the World
  11. The Waterstone of the Wise
  12. The Golden Tract concerning the Philosopher's Stone

The illustrated book contains 445 + 35 pages.

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