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Nano-Science Center (Copenhagen University)


The Nano-Science Center is a center at the University of Copenhagen dedicated to the teaching and research of nanotechnology.

The Nano-Science Center was inaugurated in 2001 in a cooperation between the Niels Bohr Institute (physics) and the Department of Chemistry. It houses in the D building of the H. C. Ørsted institute.

A new undergraduate program (3 years ending with a B.Sc. in nanotechnology) admitted the first students in September 2002, currently admitting about 60 students per year. Graduates are expected to continue to get a M.Sc. within a subfield of nanotechnology.

Current research includes theoretical and experimental nanophysics, synchrotron x-ray scattering, supramolecular surface chemistry, organic synthesis, biophysics, nanocontainers, molecular electronic properties and molecular biology.

The current chairman is professor Thomas Bjørnholm.

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