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Nanomedicine (book)

Nanomedicine is a technical book series by Robert Freitas. It is the first thorough analysis of possible applications of MNT to nanomedicine and analyzes a wide range of possible nanotechnology-based medical devices, and explains the relevant science behind their design. It is also the first thorough technical discussion of specific nanorobot subsystems, including sensors, power sources, methods for communication and navigation, and various means for manipulation and locomotion by nanorobots.

Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities was published in 1999 as ISBN 1-57059-645-X (hardcover) and in 2002 as ISBN 1-57059-680-8 (softcover). It is also freely available online.

Nanomedicine, Volume IIA: Biocompatibility was published in 2003 as ISBN 1-57059-700-6 (hardcover). It is also freely available online.

Volume IIB will be published in 2006, and Volume III is planned for 2008.

More information on nanomedicine is available at Freitas' Nanomedicine Nanomedicine Page at the Foresight Institute website, and the largest collection of medical nanorobot images and links is available at the Nanomedicine Art Gallery, created and still curated by Freitas.

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