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National Corn Growers Association

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) is a U.S. national organization founded in 1957, representing more than 33,000 dues-paying corn growers from 48 states and the interests of more than 300,000 farmers who contribute to corn checkoff programs in 20 states.

NCGA is a federation of state organizations, corn boards, councils and commissions developing and implementing programs and policies on a state and national level to help protect and advance the corn producer’s interests.

In 1956, Iowa farmer Walter Goeppinger began to organize the association with corn farmers from nine states because of minimal public recognition, appreciation and political support U.S. corn growers received in producing America’s largest crop.

One year later, the National Corn Growers Association was formed, with offices in Boone, Iowa. In 1984, leaders moved the headquarters from Iowa and established a national office in St. Louis, Missouri.

NCGA is the largest trade organization in the United States representing corn growers. Since its inception the NCGA has successfully represented corn growers, throughout the entire corn industry, the U.S. government, and consumers and throughout the world.

Today, NCGA and state corn grower associations are working with elected leaders to increase ethanol demand by establishing a renewable fuels standard as part of a comprehensive energy policy, with the argument that it would reduce fuel prices and improve energy security. NCGA is working to develop new uses for corn through research and business development programs. NCGA is also the leading voice for corn growers in the promotion of biotechnology products to U.S. and international government leaders. NCGA and state associations are committed to supporting farm policy. By being advocates for corn growers, NCGA works to ensure government policy facilitates US corn's competitiveness in a global economy. The NCGA and state associations also work to open new markets through trade and work on providing access to these new markets by improving transportation systems.

NCGA is the voice for the corn grower’s concerns in national legislative, judicial and regulatory agencies’ decisions affecting agriculture. Today, international leaders, industry leaders, agriculture and national media, recognize NCGA as the leading corn grower organization on Capitol Hill.

Members of the NCGA live and farm in 48 states. The NCGA national headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri. NCGA also maintains an office Washington, D.C..

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