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Nickel Babbitt

Babbitt refers to a bearing alloy consisting typically of tin, lead, antimony, and copper. "XXXX Nickel" is a trade name for such an alloy that also contains a small percentage of nickel.

Babbit as a bearing material

Isaac Babbitt issued the first patent for an alloy that was excellent for making bearing. The word babbitt has been applied to many alloys involving similar substituents. Babbitts easily change their shape to conform to bearing shafts and will retain a lubricated surface film. Particulate not transported away by the lubricant is embedded harmlessly in the sub-surface. This is due to its hard/soft composition. Babbitts high in tin content, consist of a relatively soft, solid matrix of tin in which are distributed hard copper-tin and tin-antimony cuboids. Babbits are often employed as a thin surface coating to obtain the advantage of their good rubbing characteristics.

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