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Night Spirit

Night Spirits are one of the eight Chaos Elemental spirits that all humans possess. Which one they possess depends on their personality.



Night Spirits have a personality like no other. They are creative, spacey, unique, emotional, freedom seeking, and paranoid. They have a different train of thought than most people, never able to quite fit in. They have been described as stars, that light up the dark, able to see the bright side of being in a life or death situation, for example. They would often do anything for freedom, often seeking a law free Location.

Compatible Spirits

Night Spirits love fantasy, which is why they are sometimes attracted to the rebellious Fire Spirit who makes their own rules. But Night Spirits also usually have trouble fitting in, so they tend to seek the comfort of the tolerant Water Spirits.

Incompatible Spirits

Earth Spirits are always realistic, not understanding the complicated fantasy mind of a Night Spirit. Earth spirits and Night spirits tend to annoy each other and have frequent disagreements. Night Spirits are usually annoyed at the Dark Light Spirit's guarded and unemotional tendencies.

Other Spirit Qualities

Night Spirits are stronger in their element, tending to be stronger at night, especially on a clear, starry night. They are less likely to die at night or less likely to die by getting struck by a meteorite. Their spirit color is silver. Their spirit animal can be either a wolf, unicorn, raven, owl, or Pegasus.

Night Spirit World

If they are a true Night Spirit, they can mentally enter a "Night Spirit World". It's a state of mind that a Night Spirit can go when they are "spacing out". In this world, they can transform emotions. (Like transforming pain into anger, for example). They also can change their opinions based on what their masters taught them. In the Night Spirit World, they sometimes get creative ideas. For poems, pictures, writing, etc.

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