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A cousin to the acronym, notarikon (Hebrew: נוטריקון) is a method of selecting a word and using each of its initial (Hebrew: ראשי תיבות) or final (Hebrew: סופי תיבות) letters to stand for another word, forming a sentence or idea out of the words. Another variation entails using the first and last letters, or the two middle letters of a word, etc. to form another word. The word "notarikon" is related to the Latin word "notarius," meaning "short-hand writer."

Notarikon is one of the three ancient methods, the other two being gematria and temurah, used by the Kabbalists to rearrange words and sentences in the Bible to derive the esoteric substratum and deeper spiritual meaning of the words. Notarikon was also used in the protoscience alchemy.

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