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Novouralsk (Russian: Новоура́льск) is a closed town in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. It is located at 57°15′0″N, 60°4′60″E. Population: 95,414 (2002 Census).

The city of Novouralsk, formerly known as Sverdlovsk-44, is situated on the eastern side of Ural mountain range, about 70 km north of Yekaterinburg. Although it came into being during World War II, and was named Novouralsk in 1954, it was kept secret until 1994, since when it has had closed city status.Today Novouralsk has a population of around 100,000.

The city is laid out in a grid format, divided north south by the central street on which the main administrative center is located. It is sub-divided into five residential districts, each covering 10,000 hectares. The city's economy is dominated by the nuclear, automobile and construction industries.


Economy and industry

Ural Electro Chemical Plant (УЭХК) main activities are uranium enrichment and the development of centrifuge technology, as well as the manufacture of instruments and industrial systems for the nuclear industry. Ural Electro Chemical Plant (УЭХК), site of the Soviet Union's first gaseous diffusion enrichment plant, began operating in 1949. In 1950, certain technical difficulties were resolved and UECP began producing tens of kilograms of 90 percent enriched uranium. The original plant, called D-1, was extended to include plant D-3 in 1951, and plants D-4 and D-5 in 1953. Ministry of Atomic Industry's officials once said that Sverdlovsk-44 was the only plant ever used to produce weapons-grade highly-enriched uranium.

The plant lead the development of Russian centrifuge technology, has used seventh-generation gas centrifuges since 1996 and has developed eighth-generation centrifuges. UECP now produces LEU using centrifuge technology. It is one of four Russian enrichment facilities.

Another major industrial enterprise was the Urals Auto Motor Plant (УАМЗ), which was founded in 1967. It was the subsidiary of the Likhachyov Moscow's Auto Motor Plant (ЗИЛ). However the Urals Auto Motor Plant declared bankruptcy in 2000 and was later acquired by Automobiles and Motors of the Urals (АМУР), a Russian-Chinese car manufacturing joint venture.

Education and sport

Novouralsk's educational facilities include Novouralsks Engineering Physical Institute, Polytechnic College, Medical College, Pedagogical College. There are also 22 schools and 27 kindergartens.

Modern day Novouralsk has two Cultural Centers, three libraries, which are considered the best in the region, a children's arts school and a children's musical school, two cinemas, a museum, a puppet theater, and an amusement park. The Central City Library has become a focus for cultural activities and holds over 800 events annually. The library is fully computerized, and offers free Internet access, and Novouralsk citizens consider their library to be one of the best in Russia. Another library in the city caters solely for children and young people. Cultural life has evolved as the city has grown. The first social club opened in 1947, home to a brass band and various clubs, including drama, followed by cinema and a library in 1949. A musical school opened in 1950 and the Operetta Theater in 1951. The Theater can seat up to 600 people, and the company has traveled to dozens of Russian cities, and to practically every city in the Urals. The Puppet Theater Skazka was founded in 1957. The Municipal Concert-Sports Complex was opened in 1998, a modern facility with an artificial ice rink and a hockey pitch. It can be used as an ice stadium or sports or a concert ground with seating for 1,270 people. The Historical and Area-Study Museum has over 8,000 exhibits.

World competitions

The world-famed yacht championship Yava Trophy is held in Novouralsk every 4 years.


Postal code of Novouralsk is 624130. Dialing code: 34370

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