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Octave Levenspiel

Octave Levenspiel is an Emeritus professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State University. His principal interest has been chemical reaction engineering, a branch of chemical engineering studying the application of chemical reaction kinetics and physics to the design of chemical reactors.

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He was born in Shanghai, China, in 1926, where he attended a German grade school, an English high school and a French university. He studied at U. C. Berkeley and at Oregon State University where he received a Ph.D. in 1952.

He is the originator of the Octave Levenspiel's fountain, which is a special kind of a diffusion machine.


All of Levenspiel's books listed below have been translated to several other languages.

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering, Wiley; 3 Sub edition (August 13, 1998), ISBN 10 047125424X
  • The Chemical Reactor Omnibook, Oregon St Univ Bookstores (January 1993), ISBN 10 0882461605
  • Fluidization Engineering (coauthored), Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd; (October 1991), ISBN 10 0409902330
  • Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange, Plenum Pub Corp (Dez. 1984), ISBN 10 0306415992
  • Understanding Engineering Thermo, Prentice Hall PTR; (September 4, 1996), ISBN 10 0135312035


  • R.H. Wilhelm award (AIChE)
  • W.K. Lewis award (AIChE)
  • Founders award with gold medal (AIChE)
  • ChE Lectureship award (ASEE)
  • P.V. Danckwerts award (IChemE)
  • Honorary doctorates from France, Serbia, and the Colorado School of Mines
  • Elected into the National Academy of Engineering (2000)
  • Amundson award (ISCRE/NASCRE) (2001)


  • Octave Levenspiel Home page
  • Levenspiel fountain
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