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Oil Blue A

  Oil Blue A, also called Solvent Blue 36, Solvent Blue A, Oil Blue G, Blue AP, 1,4-bis(isopropylamino) anthraquinone and CI 61551, is a blue dye derived from anthraquinone. It has the appearance of a dark bluish-violet powder, soluble in acetone, benzene and toluene and insoluble in water, with melting point 133-135 °C.

Its CAS number is [14233-37-5] and its SMILES structure is O=C2c1ccccc1C (c3c2c(NC(C)C) ccc3NC(C)C)=O.

Oil Blue A is used as a dye for polystyrene and acrylic resins, and in petroleum and inks. It has good resistance to light.

A chemically similar dye is Solvent Blue 35.

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