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Ordóñezite is a tetragonal pyramidal crystal and is found in Rhyolite fractures. The Santín mine which is located about eight kilometres from Santa Catarina, Guanajuato, Mexico is a main producer of Ordóñezite. Another is El Antimonio, 27 kilometres southwest of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.



Ordóñezite was first discovered and documented by Ezequiel Ordóñez (1867-1950), a Mexican geologist, formerly director of the Geological Institute of Mexico.


Optical properties include: semitransparent, very light to very dark colorless to pearl-gray, light yellowish olive to dark olive.

Chemical Formula: ZnSb2O6

Composition: Molecular Weight = 404.89 gm.


  • Zinc, 16.15%
  • Antimony, 60.14%
  • Oxygen 23.17%

or, alternatively:

  • Zinc (as ZnO), 20.10%
  • Antimony (as Sb2O5), 79.90%

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