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Otwayite, Ni2CO3(OH)2, is a hydrated nickel carbonate mineral first described from the Otway Nickel Deposit, Nullagine, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia.

Otwayite is green, with a hardness of 4, a specific gravity of 3.4, and crystallises in the orthorhombic system.


Otwayite is found in association with nullaginite and hellyerite in the Otway nickel deposit.

It is found in association with theoprastite, hellyerite, gaspeite and a suite of other nickel carbonate minerals in the Lord Brassey Mine, Tasmania.

Otwayite is found in association with gaspeite, hellyerite and kambaldaite in the Widgie Townsite nickel gossan, Widgiemooltha, Western Australia.

It is also reported from the Pafuri nickel deposit, South Africa.


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