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Oxonica is nanotechnology company that develops new products from nanomaterials research.

Oxonica is one of the leading international nanomaterials groups with products already launched into international markets. The Group’s mission is to develop innovative commercial solutions for international markets using their expertise in the design and application of nanomaterials.

Oxonica’s business model is to focus on its strength in identifying market opportunities, securing intellectual property and introducing new technology to market

The company has four operating divisions: Oxonica Energy, Oxonica Healthcare, Oxonica Materials and Oxonica Security.

Oxonica span out of Oxford University in 1999, received Venture Capital funding at an early stage from Oxford Capital Partners among others, and was listed on the London Alternative Investment Market in July 2005.


  • The Times Nanotechnology supplement (.pdf)
  • Oxonica Receives Double Honors at Small Times Best of Small Tech Awards
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