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Oxydose® ÃHX'-ē-dōsè (proper noun) 1. Oxydose® is a liquid opioid narcotic elixir. Its active ingredient is oxycodone hydrochloride U.S.P., a U.S. Schedule II opioid. It is prescribed for severe pain, where immediate pain relief is required, sometimes relieving intractable pain in up to five minutes when used sublingually. Oxycodone Hydrochloride is also used in other preparations such as Percocet Roxicodone and other prescription pain killers. Oxydose® is highly concentrated in a vanilla & grape flavored liquid vehicle containing 20mg/ml. Oxydose is currently manufactured by Ethex Pharmaceuticals.

Oxycodone, like most opioids has a potential for abuse and dependence and therefore may be habit-forming.

see also, OxyFast® C-II (oxycodone HCl immediate-release) Oral Concentrate Solution (the Brand name equivalent for Oxydose, a registered trademark of Purdue Pharma)

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