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P11 protein

Template:DISPLAYTITLE:p11 protein p11 is a protein found in the brain of humans and other mammals which has been implicated in the regulation of mood. A mouse study from 2006 found that low levels of p11 are likely to prevent the raising of serotonin levels from immediately curing clinical depression. The protein is thus a strong candidate target molecule for new antidepressant drugs.

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  • Svenningsson P, Chergui K, Rachleff I, Flajolet M, Zhang X, Yacoubi ME, Vaugeois JM, Nomikos GG, Greengard P. "Alterations in 5-HT1B receptor function by p11 in depression-like states". Science 2006;311(5757):77–80. PMID 16400147
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