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PSIA, a spin-off of Park Scientific Instruments founded in 1988 by the original innovators and pioneers of Atomic force microscope, is an industry leader in AFM and SPM technology. PSIA provides advanced AFM, SPM, and NSOM products for industry and research. Based on the patented XE technology, PSIA supplies the XE-series AFMs, non-contact AFMs for the most feasible and practical way to scan samples with ultimate AFM resolution and reliability. PSIA’s product lines include research (XE-100, XE-120, XE-150, XE-NSOM) and industrial (XE-LCD, XE-HDD, XE-PTR, XE-Photomask) products.

Founder and CEO — Dr. Sang-il Park

In 1982, Dr. Sang-il Park, the founder and CEO, joined Prof. Quate's Lab at Stanford University, the birthplace of AFM. In 1988, he founded Park Scientific Instruments, the leading AFM manufacturer in Silicon Valley, which is now merged to Veeco Instruments.

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