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Peerless Pump Company

Peerless Pump Company
Private Company
HeadquartersIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
Key peopleDean Douglas, President and CEO
Andrew Warrington, Vice President; Sales
Fred Bock, Vice President; Marketing
Dave Baker, Vice President & CFO
Dan Hill, Vice President; HR
Mike Cates, Vice President; Business Excellence
ProductsCentrifugal Pumps
Fire Pump
Employees400 (2007)

Peerless Pump Company is a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and systems for liquid applications. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA, Peerless and it's associated companies and products have a history going back over 100 years. Peerless specializes in the design, manufacture and servicing of various types of centrifugal pump including:

Vertical Turbine Pumps, Horizontal Split Case Pumps, End Suction Pumps, In-line vertical pumps and a number of others.

Peerless engineers are specialists in applying their products to a number of applications. Typically however, Peerless has been successful in manufacturing pumps for use in commercial and industrial buildings for fire protection see fire pumps, plumbing and HVAC. Also, the manufacture of efficient high volume Vertical Turbine and split case pumps for the transport of water for water supply, groundwater and irrigation applications. In addition the manufacture of pumps for industrial, process and chemical uses.

Formed in 1923 in California, Peerless was one of the original companies manufacturing deep well Vertical Turbine pumps for groundwater applications. In particular for agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. Peerless quickly expanded it's operations to all major agricultural areas where irrigation was a necessity for efficient production. After it's acquisition in 1932 by FMC Corp., Peerless as part of the FMC Hydrodynamics division combined with numerous other companies, absorbing product lines along the way. In 1976 FMC Corp. sold Peerless to Indian Head, since which time, Peerless has operated independently selling it's products ona world wide basis.

With it's World Headquarters at the US Army's wartime "Fall Creek Ordinance Works" in Indianapolis Peerless has been a proud Hoosier company since 1948 when it consolidated it's Eastern operations from a number of factories in the Mid West. In 1994 Peerless consolidated it's former Montebello California (near to Los Angeles) operations into Indianapolis with a multi-million dollar investment in it's Vertical Turbine Pump test laboratory. Peerless is able to test pumps up to over 150,000 Gallons Per Minute and over 2,500HP to US and International Standards.

Peerless also has facilities in Selma, Alabama where it manufactures LaBour Process Pumps, Fresno, California and Lubbock, Texas. In addition to this and sales offices throughout the United States, Peerless has offices in Singapore, Torino,Italy and South Eastern France.

On December 1, 2007, Peerless became a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Grundfos group of Denmark, who thereby became Peerless's fourth owner since it's foundation 84 years before.

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