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Perxenic acid

Perxenic acid, H4XeO6, is a hypothetical acid which is actually an aqueous solution of xenon tetroxide (like chromium trioxide, in which some believe that there is really chromic acid in water).

It is a very strong oxidizing agent, and very acidic, though weaker than perchloric acid. Being a tetrabasic acid, four forms of salts may form.

Giving silver perxenate as an example, monosilver trihydrogenperxenate, AgH3XeO6, disilver dihydrogenperxenate, Ag2H2XeO6, trisilver hydrogenperxenate, Ag3HXeO6, and tetrasilver perxenate, Ag4XeO6, may be formed.

It is non-analogous to any other acid, but xenon tetroxide may be classified together (though not comparable) with osmium tetroxide (osmic acid).

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