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Petrus Bonus

Petrus Bonus Lombardus was a supposed [1] fourteenth century physician at Ferrara, and writer on alchemy. He is best known for the attribution to him of Margarita preciosa novella[2], from around 1330, an influential alchemical text.[3] His supposed Introductio In Divinam Chemicae Artem was much later printed (1572).


  1. ^ The historical place of the writer of the Margarita preciosa novella has been disputed, under this name or Pietro Antonio Boni, perhaps at the end of the fifteenth century; see [1].
  2. ^ The Precious New Pearl, often The New Pearl of Great Price.
  3. ^ Aldine edition 1546, by Janus Lacinius (Giovanni or Giano Lacinio), a Calabrian.[2]
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