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Philip Beckley


Philip Beckley (born 25 May 1936) - British scientist, author and lecturer.

During his professional career he obtained the following titles and degrees: B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., C.Eng., C.Phys., C.Sci., F.I.E.E., F.Inst., P F.I.M., Sr.M.I.E.E.E., M.C.M.I., M.I.Mgt., C.G.I.A., Eur.Ing., Eur.Phys.


Education and career details

  • 1947-1955 - Monmouth School
  • 1955-1957 - Royal Air Force - Lecturer in Air Radar Techniques
  • 1957-1960 - University of Southampton - B.Sc. Hons. Gen.
  • 1960-1963 - Trainee Metallurgist in Steel Co. of Wales, Newport
  • 1963 - Institute of Physics Honours in their Graduateship Examination (equivalent of first class Class Hons. Degree in Physics)
  • 1963-1968 - Senior Physicist, Orb Works, Newport
  • 1968-1983 - Principal Research Officer, British Steel Corporation
  • 1969 - Ph.D. Degree (Cardiff)
  • 1972 - D.Sc. Degree
  • 1972 - Fellow of the Institute of Physics
  • 1977 - Fellow of the Institute of Metals
  • 1981 - Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers
  • 1983-1991 - Manager, Technical and Research, B.S. Electricals, Newport
  • 1991-1996 - Manager, Technical and Research, European Electrical Steels
  • 1996 - Honorary life member of UK Magnetics Society
  • 1996-2007 - Independent consultant, Lecturer, Author
  • 1997 - Senior Member I.E.E.E.
  • 1988 - European Ingineer
  • 1998 - European Physicist
  • 2006 - qualified as Chartered Scientist

His research interests are in various aspects of magnetic materials: measurement techniques, magnetic domain properties, production methods, on-line measurement systems, development of new electrical steels, radiation gauging systems. He promotes of public awareness of science and mentors graduating students at Cardiff University.

Awards and prizes

  • 1968 - City and Guilds Insignia Award (for his thesis "Sensors for Automation")
  • 1989 - Honorary Chairman, American Society of Metals (Magnetics)
  • 1970 - Fellow of Institution of Radio and Electronic Engineers (now absorbed into I.E.E.)
  • 1996 - Stokowiec prize and medal for work on high alloy silicon steels
  • 1997 - Appointed visiting Professor (Electical Engineering) at University College Cardiff
  • 1998 - John Wilkinson Medal, Staffs I.S.I.
  • 2006 - IEC Special Centenary Award for his contributions to Electrotechnical Standards Activities

Research contracts

Beckley directed various E.E.C. research grants valued at £0.5 million over the past 10 years. He directed two successful Teaching Companies on developments related to Electrotechnical Steels. He also took part in the Electrotechnical Section of a major D.T.I. Grant on energy efficient motors, which was valued at £2.5 million. He is approved referee to Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council on magnetics projects and a member of its Peer Revue College.

Teaching and examiner experience

  • Lecturing on Air Radar in the Royal Air Force
  • Devised and taught a course "Electrical Engineering for Metallurgists" aimed at Post Graduate/Post A.I.M. Metallurgists at Allt-yr-yn College, Newport for 10 years. Course vetted by I.E.E.
  • Acts as required as External Examiner to various Universities. Lectures in University of Cardiff, Electrical Engineering Dept. various courses in Electromagnetic subjects.
  • Acted as project examiner for University Cardiff M.Eng. course.
  • Acted as external examiner for some 25 Ph.D. students (Cardiff, Liverpool, London).
  • Acted as Supervisor for various Ph.D./M.Sc. students doing higher degrees in Industry.

International activities

Regular presenter of invited papers to:

  • American Society of Metals (Magnetics) Conferences. Chicago I.I.T. Magnetic Materials Conferences
  • A Special Award was presented to P. Beckley in May 2004 for long service and papers presentation over 23 years
  • Indian Transformer Makers Conferences
  • Soft Magnetic Materials Conferences (European Physical Society and UK Magnetics Society)
  • 2D Magnetism Association in Europe
  • Received an international award from IIT in May 2004

Other professional activities

Organising Committee member for European Physical Society Magnetic Conference Series Served on Department of Trade and Industry, visit to Japan to study high permeability materials for transformer use (2 weeks, 16 site engagement).

Contributor to Electrical Engineers Reference Book (Laughton-Say) and other encyclopediae.

Member of British Standards Institution and International Electrotechnical Commission Committees relating to Electrotechnical Steels. Specified UK Expert on Electrotechnical Steels.

Advises on liaison between Electrical Steel producers and University Departments, for collaborative work.

Past Chairman of Mechatronics Forum Wales under auspices of the Welsh Development Agency (ongoing).

Consultant to Schools Curriculum Bodies for Science and Technology.

He functions as independent chairman to steering committees of Wolfson Centre for Magnetics projects with EPSRC.

Publications and patents

Beckley published more than 85 scientific papers covering many aspects of magnetic materials, production methods, physics of electrotechnical steels, magnetic measuring systems, etc. Many of these represent author's "hands-on" work.

A range of patents covering aspects of magnetic measurement and electrotechnical steel production. Particularly rollable coatings, domain control in G.O. steel and novel steel for efficient motors.

  • P. Beckley, Electrical Steels - a handbook for producers and users, European Electrical Steels, Newport, UK 2000, ISBN 095400390X
  • P. Beckley, Electrical Steels for Rotating Machines, Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, UK, 2002, ISBN 0852969805
  • P. Beckley, Production of grain oriented steel, UK Patent 4652316, 24 March 1987
  • P. Beckley, Measurement of magnetic properties of electrical steels using a search coil partially defined by a fluid electrolyte, US Patent 5365170, 15 November, 1994
  • Z. Soghomonium, H. Stanbury, P. Beckley, A. Moses, Hardness testing of steels, International Patent W095/12821, May 1998
  • G. Woodman, D. Snell, P. Beckley, Coating apparatus, US Patent 6277196, 21 August 2001
Major scientific articles
  • P. Beckley, et al., Impact of surface coating insulation on small motor performance, IEE Proceedings, Electrical Power Applications, Vol. 145, No 5, September 1998, pp. 409-413 (Invited Paper)
  • P. Beckley, P. C. Y. Ling, The challenge of higher frequencies to solid steels, Invited paper, Illinois Institute of Technology, Magnetic Materials Conference, April 1999
  • P. Beckley, Modern steels for transformers and machines, Invited paper for IEE Power Engineering Journal, 1999
  • Z.Soghomonium,, P. Beckley, A. Moses, On-line hardness assessment of CRML steels, American Society of Materials Conference, Chicago, October 1996
  • P. Beckley, J. Z. Cao, G. H. Shirkoohi, Cross section, thickness and approach to ferromagnetic saturation, Illinois Institute of Technology, Soft Magnetic Materials Conference, May 1998
  • P. Beckley, Industrial magnetic measurements, Invited paper given at SMM14, September 1999
  • P. Beckley, M. Arikat, Continuous Assessment of steel cross sectional area by a resistivity method, IIT Conference, Chicago, May 1996
  • P. Beckley, Safety Systems for lifting Magnets, IIT Conference, Chicago, May 2000,
  • P. Beckley, Single Sided Power Loss Testers, IIT Conference, May 2001
  • P . Beckley, Composite teeth for large alternators, I.I.T. Conference, Chicago, May 2004
  • P. Beckley, Magnet assessment of Austenite in high alloy steels, EMSA Conference, Cardiff, July 2004

Supplementary notes

In 2003 he suffered a severe stroke and was hospitalised for five months. He had to relearn to stand and walk, but his cognition was unaffected. After his rehabilitation period he is able to drive a specially modified car.

After 1996 he concentrated more on authorship, postgraduate and postdoctoral mentoring at Cardiff University, International Standards and Conference presentations. He is involved in conferences, and independent consultancy, as well as schemes to Publicise Physics to the populace and the promotion of Chartered status for eligible persons.

He is currently studying with the Open University and a local college for various Business and Electrical Inspection qualifications.

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